Like all great stories, Won Adventure was thought up on a road trip. Founder, Bruce Viaene, was on his way back from photographing the incredible Expedition Africa with his brother-in-law, Craig Powell. The dream was to introduce the Average Joe (AJ) to something incredible:


That year, the Out The Green Box Nite Series was launched; a fun, family friendly TRUE night run that would introduce AJ to something unique, running at night. So, East London’s first night time trail run was born.

Since then, Won Adventure has grown not only events but partners too and has become quite the family affair:

Michelle Powell & Trystan Viaene joined the team as there is only so much Bruce (See: Male) could do. The Family combo has proven a great way to partner up and Won Adventure has grown to new heights.

Bruce Viaene
Trystan Viaene
Michelle Powell